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Irish soap made by artisan and passionate producers, determined to make something special for you.

  • Luxury Gift Mini Bar Large. Product thumbnail image
  • Milk & Honey All Over. Product thumbnail image
    This bar is a fantastic all round bar with lovely healing properties. It is your one stop shop for skin and scalps that is troubled with eczema, psoriasis, acne, but also great for healthy skin that just wants to stay that way! Also a fantastic bar to share with all the family as it is safe even for the smallest ones. When used as a shampoo, it will leave your hair sleek and silky soft!    The bar has added goats milk which have a unique PH which is similar to human skin, which makes the essential fa...
  • Avocado Scrub. Product thumbnail image
    Avocado is the base for this Hand and Body Scrub soap bar, and if you had not heard already, avocado does as much good on the outside as it does on the inside. The Avocado oil when used on your skin can help calm itchy skin, heal chapped skin, replenish and moisturize dry skin, making it a gentle but effective soap. We have also added Poppy seeds, which give a nice exfoliating effect, gentle buffering away dead skin and dirt without any harsh chemicals, and the Avocado oil helps moisturize the new skin l...
  • Luxury Gift Mini Bar Small. Product thumbnail image
  • Luxury Gift Set Solo Zingy Myrtle. Product thumbnail image
  • Luxury Gift Set Solo Neroli Wood. Product thumbnail image
  • Luxury Gift Set Solo Coco Vert. Product thumbnail image
  • Luxury Gift Set Mini Three. Product thumbnail image
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